The ClusterXchange programme is a pilot programme to support short-term exchanges to better connect Europe’s industrial ecosystems. It aims to facilitate transnational cooperation, peer learning, networking and innovation uptake between actors of different industrial clusters. It is implemented with support from cluster organisations that have teamed up in ESCP-4x partnerships, like EXTRATEX.

The Xchange programme supports short-term visits to better connect Europe’s industrial ecosystems. Take part to a Xchange and you can:

  • Learn from actors in another cluster;
  • Explore growth opportunities in new markets;
  • Take up new technologies;
  • Invest in strategic interregional collaboration. 

You can candidate yourself to be a visitor or a host if you are a SME or a scaling-up organisation that is cluster member from COSME countries.
Lump sums are available for visitors, to cover their travel and accommodation expenses Exchanges can last from three working days up to one month
If you do not know where to go or who to visit, the EXTRATEX Xchange Programme proposes two predefined opportunities for visitors.

For more information about the target countries and organisations, please refer to the dedicated section of the ClusterXchange website at


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