EXTRATEX partnership is composed of 6 clusters across 5 different regions, Italy, Spain, Germany, Slovakia and Czech Republic, these last two from less developed regions.

The partnership brings together clusters from textile, automotive, plastic and Safety and Security in industry.


Next Technology Tecnotessile (NTT) is a national research company established in 1972. NTT capital is shared among circa 35 partners both public (Ministry of University and Research) and private (textile, textile machinery and industrial software Italian firms). NTT is a R&D leader organisation in the textile and textile machinery sectors, with a wide network of business with private industries and around 200 client companies.

NTT conforms to the Quality System Standard ISO 9001: 2000 and has been participating in many EU-funded projects concerning the textile sector.

Since 2011 NTT is the leading managing body of OTIR2020 – TFC (Tuscany Fashion Cluster), a cluster organisation working in Tuscanian fashion sectors. Its aim is the operational support in innovation and technology transfer processes, providing technical support for R&D based projects.

OTIR2020 – TFC nowadays associates around 480 companies in the fashion value chain, i.e. textile, clothing, leather, tanning, shoe manufacturing and jewellery. Services provided are focused on technological audits, innovation and technological transfer,articipation to funding programmes for R&D and innovation at European, national or regional level, lab services and testing, internationalization, organisation of events and marketing activities.

NTT has experience on the field of cluster management, thanks to the eight years commitment with OTIR2020 coordination; projects managed through TFC are: CLUSTEM project (COSME PROGRAMME 2014), a project for empowering clusters management and services in textile and machinery sectors, Bronze Label gained; TEX4IM project - Textile for Industrial Modernization, (COSME PROGRAMME for European Strategic Cluster Partnerships for smart specialisation investments - ESCP-S3); ALLIANCE (COSME PROGRAMME for European Strategic Cluster Partnerships For Going International), EXTRATEX.



FOMENTEX is a Foundation for the promotion and development of the Valencian textile cluster. FOMENTEX Foundation seeks the cooperation and innovation in new products, processes or materials as well as participation in international, national and regional development processes and knowledge management via the Industrial improvement. Supporting the training, innovation, internationalization and cooperation, FOMENTEX seeks to drive innovation helping SMEs to adapt to the constant changes in the textile sector.

The new generation of Valencian textile companies that invest in R+D, in technology and in the protection of their brands and products, are the target of the innovative services promoted by Fomentex. This organization considers cross-sectoral and cross-regional cooperation and internationalization the most important ways to strengthen SMEs and to reinforce their business structures. Globalisation requires a change towards a model based on innovation that allows these traditional sectors to increase their competitiveness.

The aim of Fomentex is to a stablish and widen the network and develop a joint action plan including activities to promote collaboration among research institutes and companies, to increase technological transfer in related issues as circular economy and digitalization.

A great opportunity to discuss with experts crucial aspects for the growth and improvement of our cluster services.
To provide innovative proposals to solve relevant challenges, which is what we will need in the coming months, thoughtout the visits to other organizations.
An important challenge for the textile industry to technologically upgrade its production in advanced sectors.
Development of innovative solutions to respond to new social and environmental challenges. 



CLUTEX has been existing for nearly 20 years. As the textile is multisectorial branch, the cluster associate members from a different field – textile associations, textile production, chemistry, engineering, testing and research. CLUTEX brings together a total of 36 companies. CLUTEX is the only one textile cluster in the Czech Republic, so it´s role is very important at national and also international level.

At the national level CLUTEX provide a platform for an effective collaboration between production and research companies, helps companies to implement new approach i.e. customisation of processes and products and new testing methods. CLUTEX is also promoting textile industry and it´s R&D achievements to public in order to recall the importance of textiles in everyday life.

At the international level CLUTEX collaborate on the projects with partners from the entire Europe. CLUTEX promotes Czech textile industry at the international business fairs (Techtextil, m-Tex, ISPO, Nanotech, A+A, e.g.), conferences and professional meetings.

CLUTEX is very successful cluster in the Czech Republic – twice has been awarded as a project of the year (2006 and 2012), Success project 2004-2006 (cluster mapping) and many more.



AECIM is an association in the metal sector in Madrid Region. Nowadays, 30 employees advise and support the associated companies in different areas: international trade and cooperation, business cooperation, innovation, technology transfer, environment and quality, energy and energy efficiency, digital transformation, industry 4.0, innovation, tax, law, professional training, employment services, etc., joining and boosting the common interests of the metal sector in Madrid. AECIM is also considered as a Metal Cluster.

The majority of these companies are SMEs, 95% out of them have less than 100 employees.

Regarding the automotive sector, as an important metal sub-sector in Madrid, AECIM is also carrying out activities in cooperation with MCA (Madrid Cluster de Automoción), with a nominated AECIM operations manager. MCA is a non-profit association/cluster that is created with the purpose of energizing, stimulating and consolidating the activity of the sector, supporting companies, associations, technology centers, organizations and institutions that focus their activity in the Community of Madrid. MCA is having 3 main local automotive manufacturers (Peugeot, IVECO and John Deere).

Madrid Cluster de Automoción (MCA) was founded in April 2007 by the Ministry of Economy and Technological Innovation of the Community of Madrid, in collaboration with AECIM and other companies in the automotive sector. Nowadays, it is a full legal entity.

AECIM has a strong network of stakeholders: local/regional/country public authorities and some others related to innovation and internationalization.

AECIM is ISO 9001 certified.



SLOVAK PLASTIC CLUSTER is association of legal persons in field of plastics processing and related industries in the Slovak Republic. It was founded at 23th March, 2009. SPC is a subregional organization. It was established as an initiative of non-governmental entities in plastics production sector. The associated companies are competitors on one hand, on the other hand they need to solve the same kind of problems and share the same resources. Thanks to cooperation they can overcome many obstacles and gain competitive advantage in a globalized world. SPC is holder of Bronze label Cluster Management Excellence. He should be vindicating the certification in Silver label Cluster Management Excellence according to ESCA. He will be the only cluster with this label in Slovakia. The increase of human resources quality in member´s companies was the main reason for the foundation of SPC. Therefore he was making new educational programs for vocational education in branch of plastic industry and education programs in branch of marketing for more than 7 years. The innovation support (promotion, financing and innovators support) is the main in actual strategy of SPC (2019-2025). SPC is small organisation by size (5 persons). He has 41 members (including the Universities, vocational schools, the large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, but also the organisations interested in research. From year 2019 he is beginning with the companies support start-up program, but also with the innovators support in companies. SPC will be still concentred with main branches like: the innovation and making of educational programs (in their content but also in forms), the support of cost decrease in the companies (the buyers education and the shared purchase of energy and the primary commodities), the innovation support (in whole context of this issue) and networking between members and plastic companies in Slovakia. SPC is managing up-to-date database of subjects in branch of plastic industry in Slovakia (450 companies up to 20 employees), preparing the analysis and prognoses for branch of plastic converting. SPC participated in 2 projects of Lifelong Learning Programme (once like the partner of project, another time like the lead project partner). Nowdays he still cooperate with recent project partners on commercional base (Plastic Cluster Zlín (Czech Republic) TECOS Tool and Development Centre (Slovenia)ISPA (Institut Supérieur de Plasturgie d'Alencon)(France) Montan Universität Leoben (Austria)Swiss Association for Purchasing and Supply Management Switzerland)State Institute of Vocational Education - ŠIOV (Slovakia)City of Wolverhampton College - Polymer training and innovation centre (UK)).


European Risk & Resilience Institute

The European Risk & Resilience Institute (EU-VRi) is the European organization that provides professional services, consulting, information and education needed in the broad area of modern integrated risk and resilience management and, in particular, the management of emerging risks. EU-VRi is organized as a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG). EU-VRi facilitates the economic activities of its members by pooling resources, activities or skills and promotes the mobility of researchers between research and industry. The institute acts as a vehicle to create efficient consortia for addressing R&D needs of industry and the public. Currently about 50 companies and organizations from the EU and other countries are members of the group. They come from the industry, R&D organizations and academia, governmental and non-governmental as well as international organizations and SMEs (small and medium enterprises).

EU-VRi promotes the integration of safety and security in industry and research and supports the identification and facilitation of standardization opportunities within European research. EU-VRi is member of the Integrated Mission Group for Security, ISO/TC 262 on Risk Management and ISO/TC 292 on Resilience Management.

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