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Ready to travel to Czech Republic to attend the Technology Exchange Event?! 


The time has come and we are all excited to travel to Czech Republic for the exchange event which takes place between 20th and 24th of September. 

Here are some useful information for your safe travel to Czech Republic and take the most advantage of this event:


  • Table below shows the updated schedule for the event and visits:

Date/ City





TUL Liberec (textile, smart materials, advanced technologies)

Modelárna LIAZ s.r.o. (Automotive, engineering)


Social event. In Liberec – restaurant,

possible visit of Liberec ( only at 17:00)




ELMARCO s.r.o. (textile, chemistry)

VÚTS a.s. (textile, engineering, automotive)


Roudnice nad Labem

1st group

PARDAM NANO4FIBERS s.r.o. (textile)

2nd group

Matchmaking in Roudnice nad Labem

2nd group

PARDAM NANO4FIBERS s.r.o. (textile)

1st group

Matchmaking in Roudnice nad Labem



RICE (textile, engineering, automotive, smart textiles, advanced technologies)

Company presentation: Good Pro, s.r.o. (textile) SILON a.s. (textile, chemistry) VÚB a.s. (textile)


Brewery visit




APPLYCON s.r.o. (textile, engineering, smart textiles)






  • All information about the COVID-19 situation and restrictions for travelling to Czech Republic you can find on the News section of the website.
  • All passengers are obliged to fill in passenger locator form.

  • Conditions are changing, so please, visit followed links:


Entry rules for travellers - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Current status of Coronavirus in CZ, reccomendations for travellers.







INVITATION to the Czech Republic

EXTRATEX ClusterXchange and Joint Learning Event

The covid-19 limitations will be lifted for travelling soon and EXTRATEX will have the big exchange event in Czech Republic in September this year.

 About the event:

Czech Republic is the industrial heart of Europe. We would like to kindly invite you to take part in Extratex ClusterXchange program and visit Czech companies, academic and research institutes to gain knowledge through interesting presentations and company visits or to find new partners for your business, projects and innovation ideas during B2B meetings. Stay with us for whole week to work and also to discover new regions, people, good food and beer. 

  • Duration: 20th - 24th September 2021
  • Location: Czech Republic – Liberec, Plzeň
  • Focus area: Advanced technologies & production, smart materials, cross-sector collaboration development
  • Host: CLUTEX cluster technical textiles
  • Visitors: Cluster organizations, SME´s representatives (3 full days), Scaling-up organizations other than SME´s (5 full days), Partners of EXTRATEX consortium (full event)

Participants can be financially supported by the project budget, to cover their travel expenses. Click here to find your local support organisation for details.

Program schedule:

Date & Location




10:00 – 10:30,Registration and welcoming of the participants

14:30 – 16:30





Activity: Excursion of selected departments and lectures at Technical University in Liberec

Short profile:

The Technical University in Liberec consists of 7 faculties and institutes focused on different fields of expertise included automotive, plastics, machinery, nanomaterials, advanced technologies and innovation, mechatronics and healthstudies. The group of visitors will be divided according to their interests.

More info:https://www.tul.cz/en/university/faculties-and-institutes/

Activity: Company visit – Modelárna LIAZ, spol. s r.o., Liberec

Short profile:

The main activity of the company Modelárna LIAZ, spol. s r.o. consists in the development, design and production of parts, tools and jigs for the automotive, power engineering and aerospace industries. The company uses different kind of technologies (3D printing – sand print, CNC milling, foaming, welding…).

More info:



Overnight in Liberec, social event


10:00 – 12:00

12:30 – 16:00





Activity: Company visit - ELMARCO s.r.o., Liberec

Short profile:

Elmarco is the industry′s first and leading supplier of industrial scale nanofiber production equipment.


More info:https://www.elmarco.com/

Activity: Company visit – VUTS, a.s., Liberec

Short profile:

VUTS focuses on the research, development and manufacture of machinery and equipment for the processing industry, above all, in the area of machining, textile, printing, food, packing and medical engineering.

More info:https://www.vuts.cz/vuts-2.html

Overnight in Liberec, Wednesday Morning travelling to Roudnice/Lovosice nad Labem, 1:45 drive by car


10:30 – 12:30

13:00 – 16:00






Activity: Company visit – Pardam Nano4fibres s.r.o.

Short profile:

Company Nano4fibres have been operating in the field of nanofibers creation for more than ten years and, as one of the few in the world use centrifugal spinning technology to produce inorganic nanofibers.

More info:https://www.nano4fibers.com/

Activity: Matchmaking meeting and individual meetings between participants, CLUTEX member representatives and other invited partners


More info:


Travelling to Plzeň, approx. 1:30 hour drive to Plzeň, overnight in Plzeň


10:00 – 12:00

12:30 – 16:00





Activity: Excursion of selected departments and lectures

West Bohemia University - RICE (smart textiles department)

Short profile:

RICE is a complete research chain, from basic theoretical research through applied research to the development and testing of functional models and prototypes.

West Bohemia University is a member of Autoklastr – Czech Automotive Cluster.


More info:https://rice.zcu.cz/en/


Activity: Company presentations and matchmaking meetings, individual meetings

Will be completed according to the participant requests.


Company presentations:

GoodPRO, s.r.o.

Short profile:GoodPRO is focused on production and development of personal protective equipment against heat risks under our own brand GoodPRO®.

More info:https://en.goodpro.cz/


SILON a.s.

Short profile:SILON, a leading producer of technical compounds and polyester staple fibers, offers a wide range of products and technical assistance, and an individual approach to development projects, which makes us more than just a manufacturer of plastics.

More info:https://silon.eu/en/

Overnight in Plzeň


10:00 – 12:30






Activity: Company visit – Applycon s.r.o., Plzeň

Short profile:

Applycon core business is to produce wearable electronics, intelligent textiles, connector technologies, and cable assemblies. They specialize in applied development and manufacture using modern systems, materials and manufacturing designs.

More info:https://www.applycon.cz/en/

End of the event, travelling home (approx. 1:30 hour drive)


A minimum presence at 3 days is required for SMEs to be eligible for travel reimbursement (for other organizations the presence to the full programme is required to be eligible for travel reimbursement). All participants have to subscribe to the dedicated section of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform. The instructions about registration and access to the financial support will follow on EXTRATEX website: https://extratex.eu-vri.eu/.

Participating organizations will be assisted by their EXTRATEX partner. In case of the pandemic situation will get worse, the event will be transferred in an on-line space. Change of programme is reserved!



EXTRATEX project coordinator                                       Host organization                                

Next Technology Tecnotessile r.l.                                       CLUTEX cluster technical textiles

Mr. Enrico Venturini                                                                Mrs. Ladislava Zaklova

enrico.venturini@tecnotex.it                                               lzaklova@gmail.com





Inspiring plenary sessions, informative workshops and targeted 1:1 meetings.

Dear reader,

Extratex partnership (European TEXtile-TRAnsport-Sustainability paradigm for industrial clusters EXcellence in cross-sector innovation) is glad to invite you to join the first Virtual Exchange experience around sustainable materials.

The event is a unique opportunity to start dialogue and co-operations with leading companies from Slovakia and many other European regions in the area of plastic, sustainable materials and polymers.

The program encompasses 3 days of work during which you can meet Slovak industries and get advantage of innovative solutions from the sustainable materials ecosystem. This will allow you the generation of cooperation ideas by linking sustainable materials to textile, automotive and other manufacturing sectors in Europe.

All participants have the opportunity to hold private b2b meetings through B2MATCH platform during the two dedicated sessions. 

Topics addressed

  • Biodegradable plastics
  • Circular economy in trans-sector cooperation
  • Bio-materials in textile and automotive
  • Polymer-based products (fibers, films & plastics)
  • Innovative solutions for bioplastic applications
  • Roadmap to future
  • Funding opportunities for sustainability
  • Virtual visits to Slovak companies

How can you benefit from this event?

  • Publish and showcase your products, projects, services or business needs to event participants.
  • Initiate and arrange promising pre-scheduled 1:1 meetings at the event
  • Generate fresh leads and meet new contacts in a time and cost-efficient way
  • Start new business and cooperation opportunities
  • Stay one step ahead of your competitors by being seen at the event.

The Top 5 objectives to make your stay a success:

  • Meet Partners and Customers
  • Discover New Products & Services
  • Prepare Purchases or Projects
  • Meet New Suppliers
  • Get Information about latest's trends.

The schedule

·       2nd February 2021: Workshop on BIOPLASTICS AND CIRCULAR ECONOMICS

·       3 March 2021 - morning: First round of virtual visits to Slovak companies

·       3 March 2021 – afternoon: Virtual brokerage (B2B and C2C meetings)

·       10 March 2021 – morning: Second round of virtual visits to Slovak companies for inter-sectoral cooperation

·       10 March 2021 – afternoon: Virtual brokerage (B2B and C2C meetings)


The link to the registration form is available in the attached programme. For more details, check these out:


For more info: https://extratex.eu-vri.eu/



The ClusterXchange programme is a pilot programme to support short-term exchanges to better connect Europe’s industrial ecosystems. It aims to facilitate transnational cooperation, peer learning, networking and innovation uptake between actors of different industrial clusters. It is implemented with support from cluster organisations that have teamed up in ESCP-4x partnerships, like EXTRATEX.

The Xchange programme supports short-term visits to better connect Europe’s industrial ecosystems. Take part to a Xchange and you can:

  • Learn from actors in another cluster;
  • Explore growth opportunities in new markets;
  • Take up new technologies;
  • Invest in strategic interregional collaboration. 

You can candidate yourself to be a visitor or a host if you are a SME or a scaling-up organisation that is cluster member from COSME countries.
Lump sums are available for visitors, to cover their travel and accommodation expenses Exchanges can last from three working days up to one month
If you do not know where to go or who to visit, the EXTRATEX Xchange Programme proposes two predefined opportunities for visitors.

For more information about the target countries and organisations, please refer to the dedicated section of the ClusterXchange website at www.clustercollaboration.eu.


This page is under construction. Further information will be published soon!

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