Ready to travel to Czech Republic to attend the Technology Exchange Event?! 


The time has come and we are all excited to travel to Czech Republic for the exchange event which takes place between 20th and 24th of September. 

Here are some useful information for your safe travel to Czech Republic and take the most advantage of this event:

  • Table below shows the updated schedule for the event and visits:

Date/ City





TUL Liberec(textile, smart materials, advanced technologies)

Modelárna LIAZ s.r.o.(Automotive, engineering)


Social event. In Liberec – restaurant,

possible visit of Liberec ( only at 17:00)




ELMARCO s.r.o.(textile, chemistry)

VÚTS a.s.(textile, engineering, automotive)


Roudnice nad Labem

1st group

PARDAM NANO4FIBERS s.r.o.(textile)

2nd group

Matchmakingin Roudnice nad Labem

2nd group

PARDAM NANO4FIBERS s.r.o.(textile)

1st group

Matchmakingin Roudnice nad Labem



RICE(textile, engineering, automotive, smart textiles, advanced technologies)

Company presentation:GoodPro,s.r.o.(textile)SILONa.s.(textile,chemistry)VÚB a.s.(textile)


Brewery visit




APPLYCON s.r.o.(textile, engineering, smart textiles)




  • All information about the COVID-19 situation and restrictions for travelling to Czech Republic you can find on the News section of the website.
  • All passengers are obliged to fill in passenger locator form.

  • Conditions are changing, so please, visit followed links:

Entry rules for travellers - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Current status of Coronavirus in CZ, reccomendations for travellers.






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