The EXTRATEX project (European TEXtile-TRAnsport-Sustainability paradigm for industrial clusters' EXcellence in cross-sector innovation) organizes the second ClusterXChange of 2022 from the 16th to the 18th of May, with the support of TECHTERA and POLYMERIS both gold clusters. This time, the SMEs within the 4 cluster networks from the textile, plastics and automotive sectors will be able to visit scientific and R&D institutes from the Lyon region in France.


These visits will provide powerful knowledge and insights that improve existing processes where efficiency can be increased and costs reduced. It also allows businesses to develop new products and services to be more resilient and thrive in competitive markets.


Apart from exploring the innovative research ecosystem of Lyon, the participants will have the opportunity to attend an interactive workshop to create synergies and collaboration among them.


Besides, there is the opportunity to find new partners, business opportunities, projects, and/or innovative ideas during b2b meetings with companies from the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Slovakia and France at POLYMERIS facilities.

This ClusterXChange mission to Lyon will include visits to the following institutes:


Gold Label Clusters

  • POLYMERIS – a competitiveness cluster for rubber, plastic and composites
  • TECHTERA – an innovation cluster dedicated to the French textile industry


  • Axel One – a collaborative innovation platform dedicated to smart processes and innovative materials
  • IFTH – a French technology center of reference in the textile-clothing sector
  • CTTN – IREN – an Industrial technical center for textile cleaning
  • SWARM – Innovation and Transformation Center
  • 3d.FAB – Research and Innovation platform for additive manufacturing applications

The full agenda is available HERE


The participants can be benefited from travel grants (up to 450,00€) in the framework of the ClusterXchange programme, a pilot funding scheme of the European Union to support mobility in Europe of cluster members.


If you are interested in participating, fill in a short company profile HERE



For further information, please contact:


EXTRATEX project coordinator

EXTRATEX Lyon mission organization

Mr. Enrico Venturini, NTT

Roberta Leggieri, NTT

Petra Dufkova – CLUTEX


or the closest EXTRATEX partner for your region


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