29 Jul
Stay tuned on EXTRATEX ECCP profile!
News Photo Follow EXTRATEX activities and news on our ECCP profile!

29 Jul
EXTRATEX co-organise the SMM – Smart Manufacturing Matchmaking 2020
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EXTRATEX team is happy to announce its first matchmaking

EXTRATEX team is happy to announce its first matchmaking. EXTRATEX is now officially part of the SMM 2020, the on-line event that will take place from 18 to 20 November 2020, gathering company managers, researchers and public bodies working in the area of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.

For all info and registration: https://smm2020.b2match.io/

17 Jul
Cluster Excellence Expert(s) Recruitment for Cluster Training
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Invitation to supply an expertise service for the training Programme for Capacity Building (6 Clusters, 12 Participants) - Expert(s) Recruitment for Clusters training.

Reference: EXTRATEX/TRAINING/02/2020

Programme: COSME

Duration and timing: 2 months in total, from October 1st 2020 to November 30th 2020

A public call for applicants is open for the task indicated in the subject. The Term of Reference provides details and instructions to be followed by eligible applicants.
Applications can be sent by email from July 17th 2020 included to August 31th 2020 included.

26 Jun
European Strategic Cluster Partnerships for Excellence
News Photo Extratex is part of the ESCP-4X partnerships initiative gathering 69 cluster organisations from 21 EU and COSME participating countries.

European Strategic Cluster Partnerships for Excellence (ESCP-4x) are transnational cluster partnerships selected under the European Cluster Excellence Programme as part of the European Commission’s COSME programme. The action aims at facilitating cross-cluster networking and learning, to support the professionalisation of specialised and customised business support services to SMEs. The action is will help drive the development of cluster management excellence and formation of strategic cross-regional collaboration between industrial clusters across Europe.

The third generation of European Cluster Partnerships for Excellence received the new “ESCP-4x” label. This aligns them with the other Cluster Initiatives of the European Commission, and highlights the new “ClusterXchange” activity of the action (more information on the two first generations of Cluster Excellence partnerships can be found here).

ESCPs-4x are tasked with the following activities:

  • Cluster management skills development to boost excellence in delivering SME support
  • Cluster strategy setting at individual and European partnership levels
  • Support to the implementation of these strategies (e.g. through twinning, networking, and joint collaboration activities for SMEs)
  • Implementation of the pilot ClusterXchange programme

The ClusterXchange programme supports short-term exchanges to better connect Europe’s industrial clusters and ecosystems.

The first wave of ESCP-4x (2020-2021) is composed of 13 EU Cluster Partnerships bringing together 69 cluster organisations from across 21 European and COSME participating countries. The action was kicked-off on the 3rd February 2020 for a period of two years (until 2021). More information on the industrial and geographical sectors covered can be found in the figure below. A full list of ESCP-4x can be found here and new about partnerships here.

Download the ESCP-4x leaflet here.

03 Jun
ESCA Experts Recruitment for Clusters Benchmarking
News Photo Invitation to supply an expertise service for benchmarking and labelling of industrial clusters - Expert(s) Recruitment for Clusters Benchmarking and labelling.


Programme: COSME

Duration and timing: 6.5 months in total, from August 1st 2020 to February 15th 2021


A public call for applicants is open for the task indicated in the subject. The Term of Reference provide details and instructions to be followed by eligible applicants

Applications can be sent from June 4th 2020 included to July 15th included.

Applications received before or after the indicated limit dates will be disregarded.

01 Mar
Extratex H2020 project launched in March 2020
News Photo The Extratex project, coordinated by NTT, has been launched in March 2020.


The partnership aims at enhancing the level of excellence through strategic plans and joint strategies; in particular, EXTRATEX will bring together clusters in different industrial sectors with a high potentiality of collaboration in technological innovation and technology transfer, namely textile, transports and sustainable materials.
The project will enhance innovation capacities, business models, knowledge and skill levels and other key competitive factors that will determine future business opportunities and increased capacities for European industrial actors. Only by developing advanced strategies in cross-sector domains and implementing them through comprehensive action plans the European industry can maintain its global market share and current position vis-à-vis emerging non-European competitors.

Strategic thematic priorities

  • Capacity building and cluster strategy definition for cluster managers
  • Definition of a partnership strategy, as well as 6 individual cluster strategies for the partnership members
  • Increase of inter-regional cooperation
  • Increase exchange of knowledge and technical skills
  • Increase of management capacities for cluster staff, by reaching excellence certification
  • Increase of technology transfer opportunities
  • Organization of B2B and C2C events
  • Definition of a ClusterXchange pilot scheme; at least, 50% of the supported exchanges will involve SMEs cluster member of different sectors
  • Dissemination and awareness raising activities

Target group/audience

  As the European Cluster Excellence Programme requests, the EXTRATEX action refers to all cluster organizations and business network organizations, SMEs that are cluster members and scaling-up support organizations from COSME participating countries. Besides, regional authorities are considered potential target group ion EXTRATEX project.

Expected benefits

  • Better access of clusters to innovation opportunities and collaboration for cross-sector VCs set up
  • Increased knowledge of R&D results with TRL and transferability (new materials, advanced manufacturing systems, ICT and photonic applications etc.), available for a fast transfer to the industrial level
  • Increased quality, flexibility and environmental performances of industrial products and services to the final markets, by undertaking joint actions helping to overcome constraints and issues affecting the final consumer
  • Better access to knowledge through new cross-regional RTD activities, technological and commercial partnerships in key areas of common interest, such as innovations addressing societal challenges, key enabling technologies, non-technological innovations or access to new advanced materials
  • Advanced technical skills for cluster organizations
  • Increased contacts among different industrial sectors in Europe for an improved exchange of opportunities and know-how.

Duration: 24 Months / Partners: 65 / Programme: H2020 COSME Programme / Budget-EC Grant: approx. 0.5-0.4 Million Euro

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